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Master Python, With the Python Channel

Learn the basics and fundamentals of Python. We cover the syntax, libraries, tools, and more. Every week, your subscription will bring you a fresh new insight to help you to program idomatic Python. These are not long drawn out episodes. We know your time is valuable. You can catch an episode while waiting for lunch.

We have a Python Channel for those who want to focus on Python. Whether you are a beginner or have been using Python for a while, we can help you. It is like having a private tutor.


Now, many things are clearer and I feel I can much more of the language with confidence

— T. Summer

The language was well explained

— James A.

MATT is a very good, experienced instructor

— Recent course participant

Data Science Channel
by Pycast

Our Data Science channel is for Python developers or other developers who are ready to learn and master Data Science. Short and digestable videos will explain the full process. We discuss munging data, normalizing data, model attributes, training, and testing models, and more.

Data Science covers many aspects. We will cover crawling data, scraping data, cleaning data, feature creation, model creation, model evaluation, visualization, and more. Get simple, focused, and useful content for the price of lunch.

Successfully Training Privately, at Corporations, and Conferences

Students, retired folk, corporations big and small, conference attendees at conferences such as PyCON, OSCON, Strata, SCALE, OpenWest, and more have learned Python from the author.

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About Matt

Matt has been programming in Python since 2000. He has used Python in a variety of domains. He provides corporate training for companies big and small. He has spoken and taught Python at OSCON, PyCon, Scale, Strata, OpenWest, and more. His goal is to enable you to make the most out of Python. Everyone is busy, and these screencasts are designed to maximize the transfer of knowledge.

Matt runs MetaSnake, a Python and Data Science consultancy and corporate training shop. Depending on the weather, he might be out skiing or playing ultimate.