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Using Seaborn to change the plot style

jupyter pandas seaborn matlplotlib Data Science

Using the Pandas library to parse and filter CSV data

pandas csv Python

Using list comprehensions to filter out data

csv list comprehension Python

Filtering using lists, dictionaries, and named tuples

csv filtering Python

Use Named Tuples to make your code more readable. Also learn about unpacking.

csv namedtuples unpacking Python

Don't be naive, use the csv module to get nested lists or nested dicts

csv DictReader Python

Using split, zip, and enumerate to parse CSV files

strings enumerate split zip csv Python

Creating a filtering and mapping generator to process a log file.

file generator Python

What is the best way to ensure a file is around before reading it?

file error handling Python

Changing a plot by calling set_index

jupyter pandas matlplotlib Data Science

Making a matplotlib plot do steps by using List Comprehensions

jupyter pandas matlplotlib list comprehension Data Science

Writing text files is easy in Python. Here we use a context manager to automatically close the file.

file context maanger Python

Learning about file iteration and opening files for reading with context managers.

iteration file Python

Comparing two plots. Adding legends and labels with pandas and matplotlib

jupyter pandas matlplotlib Data Science

Plotting with a series. Finding the cumulative sum, dealing with missing values, and adding plot labels

jupyter pandas matlplotlib Data Science

Getting data from Cleaning the data in pandas

jupyter pandas Data Science

Using the display function to view multiple items in a cell

jupyter pandas Data Science

How to use Markdown in Jupyter

jupyter markdown Data Science

A string is a sequence of individual characters in Python. You can index, slice, and iterate over it.

python string Python

Unicode has additional whitespace characters that you might not know about. Not to fret, Python can handle them.

python unicode Python

Learn about a useful built-in for accessing the index of sequence items. Code smells to avoid, and unpacking.

python Python

Various ways to combine strings, and insert the oxford comma

python string Python

Dealing with whitespace in strings (strip, join, replace, and regular expressions)

python string re Python

Using seaborn to create a bubble plot that shows 3 dimensions. Insight into hue_kws

pandas matplotlib seaborn Data Science

Using pandas to create a bubble plot that shows 3 dimensions

pandas matplotlib Data Science

Using matplotlib to create a bubble plot that shows 3 dimensions

pandas matplotlib Data Science

Dealing with titlecase, capitalization, and hints to avoid pitfalls

python string Python

How would you build the enumerate function using a generator? How does it perform?

python Python

Using Seaborn to visualize the relationship between two variables

seaborn plotting scatter Data Science

Using PIP and Conda to upgrade Jupyter Notebook

pip conda Data Science

Using the FTFY (fixes text for you) library to decipher Mojibake

ftfy unicode mojibake Data Science

Using Pandas to load an Excel file and plot Presidential data

pandas matplotlib xlrd Data Science

Learn about Python lists, their methods, and Big-O characteristics

python lists sorting slicing Python

Using the Anaconda distribution to install packages

pip conda Data Science

Explains conditional expressions and short circuiting

python Python

Using the Anaconda distribution to isolate working environments

conda Data Science

What are lambda functions? When should you use them? Plus an example of stable sorting

python lambda Python

Using Jupyter and enumerate to get the index during looping

jupyter python Python

Counting characters in strings with methods and list comprehensions

jupyter python Python

Using PIP is an easy way to install the Seaborn package on your computer

pip seaborn Data Science

Using pip to install from PyPi

pip Python

Histograms are a basic visualization for seeing the lay of the land. How do we create one in Matplotlib, Pandas, and Seaborn

jupyter pandas matplotlib Data Science

Learn about Cookie Cutter to bootstrap your Python project

python cookiecutter Python

Reversing binary trees with Python

python Python

Exploring the basic interface to the unittest module


Installing Jupyter using pip

Data Science

Brief introduction to Jupyter Notebook

Data Science

Using cell magic to embed plots in Jupyter

Data Science

Introducing the IDLE environment


Using venv in Python 3 to isolate environments


Plotting a scatter plot from pandas

pandas Data Science

Reading csv data from the clipboard to look at Steph Curry stats

pandas Data Science